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July 11, 2024

@HegeDev (Hege Dev)- Creator

With a background in graphic design, branding and marketing, Hege Dev is responsible for the inception of the project. Tired of being rugged, he decided to use his branding and illustration skills to good use and create Hege, which has a mission to become a safe haven for new crypto investors.

@Digital_Kettle (Digital Kettle) - Team

With a background in Software Engineering, digital_kettle is well-versed in the tools and mechanics of the Solana chain and memecoin space, including monitoring platforms and various DEXs. With knowledge of launching new meme projects, digital_kettle contributes to marketing decisions, manages community engagement, and assists in steering the overall direction of the project at Hege.

@Optifree1 (Justin) - Marketing

With over 20+ years in the industry, Optiree1 runs a data science and software engineering consulting company for hedge funds, private equity and venture capital firms that provides a wide range of services spanning from investment analysis to optimizing marketing strategies of portfolio companies. Previously, Optifree1 ran a quantitative crypto trading firm, was the Head of Algorithmic FX Trading Strategies and Oversight at Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund, ran a software consulting company in Silicon Valley for 7 years, and worked at Johnson Space Center on the flight software for the International Space Station. At Hege, he has been involved in the project since the early days and has helped push the project to new levels.

@ALLCAPSKEV (Kev)- Marketing

ALL CAPS has 10 years of experience in the digital marketing space, formerly working as a digital strategist on Fortune 100 Brands in the telecommunications and insurance sectors while at a large marketing agency, to now serving as CEO of a boutique growth marketing agency working on brands across a variety of B2C verticals, and as the co-owner & CMO of a consumer packaged goods company. At HEGE, he manages digital advertising campaigns and assists in marketing strategy.

@TheRizzock (Rizz) - Technical

Over the past 6 years TheRizzock has worked with some of the largest companies in the world, doing compressive Financial/Operational Analysis, providing strategy for senior leaders and building automated solutions to streamline business processes. At Hege, he continues to build solutions that aid the community and provides insights for the strategic direction of the project.

@Hegeneer - Technical

Software Hegeneer has been coding for 5 years. Despite still being a student, he has developed a strong understanding of various programming languages and technologies, from HTML to Assembly. At Hegecoin, he applies his growing expertise to develop solutions and streamline processes. When he's not coding, he's trying to find the semicolon he forgot—because, as every programmer knows, missing semicolons are the root of all evil! With a blend of enthusiasm and technical knowledge, Software Hegeneer is part of the team, always eager to learn and contribute.

@Gromitron - NFTs

With extensive experience in research, design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, Gromitron specialize in brand building with products that captivate buyers. His company also excels in delivering top-tier entertainment events for prestigious clients, including Disney and Universal Studios, celebrities, country clubs, Fortune 500 companies, sports franchises, and resorts. He uses the experience from his business and applies it to create entertaining products for Hege, such as the live-streaming puppets, NFTs, and other upcoming things to increase the FUN factor.

@adam_yadang - Community

Adam / YAdang, HEGE's daily updater and X Spaces host brings 10+ years in media creation and communications for clients all over the world as well as personal artistic and business endeveours to the table. While running a successful video production company he joined the HEGE team early on and has been involved with the project ever since.

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