Content and Brand

Brand is critical in achieving our goals, and that's why it is always being adjusted, improved and adapted.

Last updated
July 4, 2024

Hege Coin aims to utilize quality animations and hand-drawn graphics to expand reach, adding careful detail to Hege’s quest for Hegena. Beyond story-based animations, we look to keep the animations culturally relevant by animating topics that are trending. We aim to be witty, relevant, and link content back to our core message at all natural opportunities.

We are conscious of the fact that quality content is often the differentiating factor between a buy or a sell, and therefore we treat it with the utmost importance. This is yet another reason why we are destined to leave a powerful mark on the memecoin space. Beyond all else, we are able to prioritize what matters in order to make a difference.

Future direction

As Hege grows, we plan on shifting our messaging slightly in order to appeal to the masses. This means shifting language and content to become more PG. This is an integral part of our vision to make Hege a household name, and a necessary step that we must take.

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